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Comics. Graphic novels. Whatever you want to call them: they fit in your hand, feature illustrations across multiple pages and, most of the time, words.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Special Limited First Issue of the Metropius comic, here’s a round up of some of our most anticipated comics of 2022.

Saga Epic space opera/fantasy comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staple is rumoured to be returning in 2022. The award-winning intergalactic epic was first published by Image comics in 2012 and set to span 108 issues. Described as “Star Wars meets Game of Thrones” with a dash of Romeo and Juliet, it’s 55th issue is scheduled for January release.

Astro City Kurt Busiek's Astro city will return in 2022 with a one-shot special titled Astro City: That Was Then. Also released by Image Comics, the superhero anthology focuses on an eponymous city, much like Metropius, but in this case, one crawling with superheroes or “costumes”. The clever reinvention of the superhero genre focussed on the emotional lives of different characters each issue to build up a broad tapestry of its titular city.

Alice and Borderland After bingeing Squid Games, many viewers moved on to Netflix’s adaptation of Haro Aso’s Manga series, Alice in Borderland. The Japanese science-fiction thriller is set to get its English language release in comic book form in 2022. The original eighteen tankōbon (stand-alone) volumes follow a trio of high-school students transported to a seemingly post-apocalyptic parallel world.

Fox and Hare We love our ‘punk family, so we’re pretty excited to see how Fox and Hare reinvents the cyberpunk genre. Despite featuring many japanese tropes and futuristic technology, the cyberpunk genre has often been criticised for its paper-thin asian representation, Fox and Hare sets to redress the balance. Written by Jonathan Tsuei with art by Stacey Lee, the plot revolves around a coder who uncovers a powerful corporation's new time-shifting technology.

Metropius Of course, right? Be prepared to get down and sooty in this dieselpunk, sci-fi world, as Detective Goodall takes on the Oil Baron and attempts to find a missing Rose before another innocent soul is forgotten by this city. Illustrated by Dave Thor Fjalarsson and written by Ally Burnham, this is going to be a sweet read and core part of the Metropius canon. For many fans, it will be the first deep immersion into the world we’re building around this terrifyingly beautiful city.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Special Limited First Issue of the Metropius comic, here’s a round-up of some of our most anticipated comics of 2022.

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