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I'm a university professor for railway systems mainly working in operations control and signalling. That occupation would probably also qualify me for a job in Metropius. Since my youth, I have been a dieselpunk lover, even at a time when that label did not yet exist. I have always loved big band jazz of the swing era, film noir movies, and design and fashion of the 1930s/40s. I also integrate this in my daily life. I wear Fedora hats on a daily basis, and you will always see me in shirt and jacket, mostly in black colour. So, I would perfectly blend into Metropius. As a hobby, I'm a railway modeller, but quite out of the mainstream. I make dioramas and mixed media photo scenes, some of them set in a dieselpunk fantasy environment. See the attached picture as a typical example. To learn more about this, visit my homepage at

My avatar picture was made by Greek artist Konstalieri, see

Jörn Pachl

Jörn Pachl

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