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Decodence or Decopunk in Metropius

“Decodence”. It’s a heck of a word. What does this portmanteau encapsulate?

Well, the grandeur and salubrious detail of Art Deco architecture and the boundless optimism and decadence of the jazz age, of course! And some darn fine champagne. Because everything looks and sounds better with a bit of fizz.

Dieselpunk is situated right in the heart of the two movements: Jazz rose to prominence in the 1920s, peaking a few decades later, and art deco architecture flourished in the years leading up to the first world war. So both are everywhere in the city of Metropius.

Art deco and jazz both perhaps hold the secret to thriving in our dieselpunk city—timeless style, creativity and timing are valuable personal qualities. And as they say, life is a lot like jazz—it’s best when you improvise.

Does this sound appealing? Become a citizen of Metropius

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