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If you’re reading this then you don’t live in a dieselpunk world.

Assuming you’re on some sort of computerised device right now?

Yeah...they don’t exist in Metropius. No smartphones. No computers. But you know what? That’s ok. There’s much to keep a person entertained and fascinated in the dieselpunk world. Which is why we’ve fallen in love with it and built our world of Metropius within it. With fashion, music, architecture and technology centred around the 1930s and 40s, it’s hard not to love.

You can’t knock the classics, right?

It’s not all good, of course. The gritty chaos caused by a forty year war—did we mention World War II never ended?—the choking smoke of heavy industrial production, authoritarian rule and the breakdown of society can be, shall we say...discomforting.

But, in this vulnerable world, Metropius sits as a relatively peaceful and stable oasis. The greatest minds—like your good self—flock to it, taking advantage of its protected status as a vital hub in both manufacturing items for the war effort and powering them through its patented, high-potency rose diesel.

It’s easy to make yourself at home in Metropius, a city brimming with hovercraft vehicles, magnetic trams and human-machine graftings. All powered by diesel, of course.

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