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Imagine if World War II never ended.

Imagine if World War II never ended. That’s bad news for most people. Unending war means

chaos, destruction, and death.

For Metropius, however, it’s great. The city is an oasis of peace as the globe is ripped asunder by the fearsome power of the late-industrial military era. Metropius has what any dieselpunk world needs: fuel.

Diesel is good. But rose diesel is even better. And Metropius has it. Lots of it. The city sits at the heart of a dieselpunk universe.

Stability has its price though. In dieselpunk worlds like Metropius, the power of kings and queens and monarchy is over. In its place, new forms of organisation have risen to fill the vacuum.

While some dieselpunk societies see democracy thrive, Metropius sits under the thumb of corporate masters and their militaristic police force, known as the Roses. Freedom is allowed so far it fits the purposes of those at the top.

Dieselpunk: it's a tough world. And it breeds tough people—like our central protagonist, Detective Goodall. He’ll show you around.

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