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Our Metropius universe is deeply rooted in the paradigm of dieselpunk.

If you’re reading this and following us—firstly, thank you—you probably have a few ideas about what dieselpunk is. But how would you describe the concept to someone who hadn’t heard of it?

I guess, you’d probably start with the idea of power. Power to run technology through its namesake fuel: diesel. Or maybe the power in the form of authority and government. Dieselpunk is anchored around the unrest of the two World Wars, where powerful nations with incommensurable world views spectacularly collided. Societies desperately seeking and clawing at supremacy in a contest that was in no way assured.

Dieselpunk is a world where, on one hand, elements of the past are seemingly frozen and progress locked in place. But on the other hand the inventiveness and wild-dreaming of sci-fiction has taken full flight. There’s so much to the aesthetic, from its architecture to its music, film to fashion. We’ll be digging into that in future posts.

The vision of dieselpunk is one that is sometimes fun and charming; other times dark and alarming. It's the vibrant world where Metropius lives and one we look forward to bringing you into.

How would you describe dieselpunk?

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