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Got dieselpunk on the brain? You may be turning into a Metropian.

Here are the top five signs to look out for.

At the service station you look wistfully at the diesel pump even though your car is electric.

When you're out walking, your eyes are drawn to every art-deco building on the block. You imagine your future life residing in that artfully designed architecture.

You keep forgetting World War I and II ended. Mixed feelings.

You narrate your daily adventures in the style of hard-boiled detective pulp fiction to the backing of big band and swing music. People are starting to notice.

It feels like there are too many touchscreens and not enough elaborate levers, pipelines, meters and valves. Technology seems dull and broken.

Do you want the bad news or the good news? Well...There is no cure. But, luckily there are growing numbers just like you. Metropians through and through. Welcome, sooty friend. What other signs should people be aware of?

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